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Efficient, easy, no cost and can safe your life.

Intermittent Fasting

Your health is tied, closely tied, to what you eat, how much and how often. Ideally, you will need to consume just one meal a day, and every twenty (20) hours at that.

Here’s how I do it;

  • Wake up at 0400
  • Do blogging draining all what is in my mind at wake up time
  • Practice Yoga for 30 minutes
  • Practice Karate and Taekwando for 30 minutes
  • Go out to the gym
  • About 0700: Drink Jioagulan tea   
    • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan & Plant Based
      Jiagulan Tea
      Jiagulan Tea
  • About 0800: Drink organic super greens: The Daily Dose
    • Get them all here at
      Get them all here at
  • Also at that time I use: Vitality Factor, Blue-Lina – Organic Spirulina Krill OilLongevity Formula
  • At 0800 I am out the door to visit customers in the island (Puerto Rico)
  • At 1200 to 1300 I get lunch as healthy as possible.
  • At 1500 get a coffee and something heavy to go with it.
  • About 1600 I get to the gym to lift some weights or to my Karate class. Also got a Yoga class on Tuesdays.
  • Once at home I drink a vanilla shake: Regena-Slim 
  • I am in bed by 2100 hours. I do attend events and do have a life which does take me over 2100. When that happen, I just let my body rest until ready, do not use and alarm clock, ever.
  • Do practice sports, Kayaks, tennis, hiking and fun walks on top of Karate and Yoga. Adding more in 2018, like diving and sailing.

Be Healthy | Intermittent Fasting | Dr. Jason Fung It is just efficient, easy, no cost and can safe your life.

Posted by Walter Rivera Santos on Friday, January 19, 2018

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