Childhood Days | Hometown | Adjuntas | Puerto Rico

Chidlhood Days

The people, fauna, land and events that form who I grow up to be, think and do. Lifting your spirit to greatness comes about by rooting your soul on the purpose your person was created for. You find the source on your childhood, not in your latest educational or experiential proudness.

Where we are today is exactly where we have to be. It has a purpose, knowing it or not, it will deliver you up to the task you came in for. Now, do not be a wandering generality while living your life. You need to set your channels to receive the tools to accomplish your life mission. Also that channel setting will push out unhealthy mediums, and saving your skin from hot waters.

You need to meditate, not thinking, but placing your very being in a neutral state, an openness far out from your thoughts.  That particular channel opening will bring your tools, vision and new thought pattern.

Here’s where I grew up! Featuring Karina Ivette Rivera Cruz, one of my daughters and her friends. The farm where I grew up is in Helechales, a mountain top area between three wards, Yahuecas, Guilarte and Limaní, town of Adjuntas in Puerto Rico. There now lives the family of the youngest Puerto Rican farmer, José Esteban López Maldonado. You will see him playing the “cuatro” instrument and riding a bike as a kid. The recording was done about eight years ago (as of 2017).

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