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Orocovis pathway for international tourists

You can read, and get informed. Our concept is to take you there through Orocovis enjoyment path.

The center of the island of Puerto Rico is in a ward called “Pellejas”, on Road 566, Km 5.7, in Orocovis. From the Taino language, Orocobix means remembrance of the first mountain. The cacique Orocobix “Chief Orocobix” and his group of Tainos was known as the Jatibonicu.

Orocovis mountain town has 17 wards (Barrios -Bo.) with hidden jewels.

Bo. Ala de la Piedra
Bo. Barros
Bo. Bauta Abajo
Bo. Bauta Arriba
Bo. Bermejales
Bo. Botijas 1
Bo. Botijas 2
Bo. Cacaos

Bo. Collores
Bo. Damián Abajo
Bo. Damian Arriba
Bo. Gato
Bo. Mata de Caña
Bo. Orocovis
Bo. Pellejas 1
Bo. Pellejas 2
Bo. Pueblo
Bo. Sabana
Bo. Saltos

Politics is a well played game all over Puerto Rico. You will get to know the mayor and politics within Orocovis so you can get and idea on how the game is played out.

District Senators
Miguel Pereira Castillo
Angel M. Rodríguez

The Mayor is Hon. Jesús E. Colón Berlingeri, mayor since 1998.
P.O. Box 2106 Orocovis, P.R. 00720
(787) 867-500 Fax (787) 867-0455

Here are the sites we will bring to your senses on this mountain tour.

Cerro La Guaira Recreative Park
Cerro Mogote
Doña Juana Waterfall

Indian Cave

Los Reyes Banana Farm Camping

Taíno Refuge
Tito Colón Pool, Spring Water and Recreative Park.
Toro Negro Rainforest
Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park

Toro verde Ecological adventure park

Annual Festivals and Events to Consider

Patrons Festivities
in June
Infant Theater Festival
in April
Shrimp Festival
in July
Arts Craft Fair
in September
National Festival of the Puerto Rican Pastel
in November.

The Orocovis roots are deep within the spirits of their ancestors.

Antonio Ortiz Hernández
Celestino Avilés
Efraín Rodríguez Otero
Church Father
Jenaro Collazo Collazo
Pedro Orlando Torres
Rafael Santo Domingo
Ramón Latorre


El Guineo
Puerto Rico’s highest lake, within de Toro Negro River, and the Matrullas Lake.

Musical Capital of Puerto Rico

“The Musical Capital of Puerto Rico” because many major Puerto Rican performers were either born or raised in the town, particularly bandleaders like;

  • Bobby Valentín,
  • Andrés Jiménez
    • folk singer
  • Manny Manuel
    • merengue singer
  • William “H. Christ” Corchado
    • salsa legend
  • Colón-Zayas family of musicians
    • which includes Emma (singer, multi-instrumentalist) and
  • Edwin (a cuatro player).

Cultural Sites

Orocovis Museum
Recreative park of Damian

Restaurants we do visit once each, then you pick accordingly to your taste and likes.

Cafecito del Bosque
El Navideño
Fonda y Posada
Green Town
La Sombra Bar & Restaurant
Las Cabañas Doña Juana
Los naranjos Restaurant
Piketa’s Bar & Grill
Roca Dura Wine & Grill
Ruta Longaniza
The Ribs Restaurant
Toroverde Restaurant

Rivers some of which we go deep on!

Toro Negro
Sana Muertos


Doña Juana

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