Samadhi | Oneness with the Universe

Samadhi: the highest stage in meditation, oneness with the universe.

Samadhi is the final aspect, or “limb,” of the spiritual Ashtanga yoga practice. The great sage, Patanjali, outlined these limbs as follows:
* Yama (ethical living)
* Niyama (healthy living)
* Asana (the meditative sitting posture, or the more physical yoga poses)
* Pranayama (awareness of one’s breath)
* Pratyahara (withdrawing one’s mind from the senses)
* Dharana (deep concentration)
* Dhyana (deep meditation)
* Samadhi (enlightenment)
The final three limbs are often studied together and are collectively referred to as the antaratma sadhana, or “innermost quest.”
A yogi achieves a meditative state by concentrating on both their physical being and their rhythm of breath. In this case, the meditative state is not a thinking or evaluating state; instead, it is a state where singleness of thought is the ultimate goal. It is only through this singleness of thought that one can achieve enlightenment, which is samadhi, or the state at which one becomes purely aware of the sanctity of one’s self and the world surrounding.

As Einstein realized, empty space is not really empty. Saints, sages and yogis who have looked within themselves have also realized that within the emptiness is unfathomable power, a web of information or energy which connects all things. This matrix or web has been called the Logos, the Higgs Field, the Primordial OM.