The Art of Persuasion

The Persuasion Art

 “Your smile is as strong as your internal fortitude” Walter Rivera Santos
Always assume the sale. Visualize the outcome long before the actual deal. Everything starts on you mindset.

Use Charm

Now, do this, increase the value and importance of all the people around you. Do do that, you have to surround with the right people all the time. You are the average of the five people you hang around with. Be selective. You will become one of them.


    What you do for others is forcing them to pay you back. That’s if you keep in touch with them. Now, do for others what is within you focus goals. Do not be a wondering generality, be a wonderful specific.


    Concord flight example, yes, something that are about to go away is more valuable than that which is plentiful. People do want it and want it bad enough to close the deal now.


    Dress up, be professional, have recommendations of people you are helping thru your life.


    Get small agreements before getting to the closing one. Agreement comes in small portions. Serve the in style until the main course arrives with all the bells and whittles.


    Before business, find out common things to share. Yes, become a more likable person by finding common interests. You have to make the connection before making business. That’s the Japanese tradition. You go out to dinner and talk, enjoy the time with no business at all. Business comes after those great moments.


    People are scare to do things. Once they are reminded that  there’s a lot of people doing just what I am asking them to do, they will follow my lead and also do the same. Tell them what similar people is doing about what you are presenting.


Use the word Fair, like that’s a fair question, that’s not fair to her. Also, the emotional reciprocity, make people fills good about themselves, make them happy and fruitful. Share their best with others and make everybody happy.

Kick out negative emotions by taking resposibility.
No excuses and blame nobody.
Response in a positive way to every situation.


I accept people the way they are with a sincere smile.
    Thanks everybody for everything they do
    Give praise and approval to them all.
    Admire, give compliments
    Attention: focus on them, what they are saying, think and respond.
    Make them feel important in every way possible.

Law of Cause an Effect

Follow the tracks of successful people until you get to where they are. Nature is neutral and it gives reaches to people who care to do what successful people do. Just follow their tracks, no giving up, no complaining. Just pay the price to success.

What do I know about billionaires?

    You have to become a great person. A quality human being. All skills are learnable. You are one skill away to become a billionaire. Have to “Dream big Dreams”
                Practice idealization, visualization of your final you, how it looks and feel like.
                Make a dream list of everything you want
            Do what you love to do
            Commit to excellence of what ever you do
                Be in the top 10% in your field.
                    It takes 5-7 years to master your field.
            Develop your unique talents and abilities
                    Look into your past and spot your most successful skills. Expand on them.
            See yourself as self employed. Be highly responsible for your life. Be the cream of your business
            Be goal oriented. Know what you want in every area of your life.

Decide what you want and write it down

Decide which are the risk you have to take and go for it. Study, prepare, work toward the price you have to pay. Write it down, make  a plan and work on it everyday.
Which one goal I can accomplish in 24 hours, will impact more my life.  One ID that one, write down everything you will do to make it happen in 24 hours. Burn all the bridges, so there’s no way to go back. You are force to succeed.
Cybernetic mechanism is that which makes you more effective the more you try. You must fail often to become and expert.
 Work on continuous professional development. Read in your field one hour a day. Read books by successful people in your field. Take every course in your field. Listen to podcasts all the time. Become the best person you can be. Maximize your potential. Develop a workaholic mentality util you make it, until you are a millionaire and Billionaire.
Use the 40 plus hours. Every hour you invest over 40 is and investment in your future. The average of the millionaire is 58 hours.
Work all the time you work. Get down to do that within your goal tasks. Those high priority tasks.
Surround with successful people. Your reference group. It will transform the way you think.
Climb from pick to pick. Life is a circle and trends. Focus on the forward move.
Develop resilience and bounce back. Bounce, do not break. A key quality of self made billionaire.

The 20 Idea Method

Goal to be a billionaire
What can I do to be a billionaire in five years?
Write 20 answers about how to become billionaire if five years.
Pick one of those answers and work on it hard and all the time.
Be an optimist
    Learn more things
    Try more things
    Persist longer
Courage and Persistence
    The habit of courage
        – The courage to launch, to begin
        – The courage to endure, to persist.
Power of self discipline will make you successful. Every time you persist the more you like yourself and the more you persist.

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